YEHWADAM Body Peeling

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A gentle exfoliator that deep cleanses and eliminates dead skin cells and other skin clogging impurities to reveal softer, brighter and more luminous skin. It will reduce the appearance of scarring and discolouration to transform dull, dry skin into smooth and even toned skin. Use the mild body peeling gel especially on areas that are typically rough like elbows, knees and heels of the feet, to feel the difference. A body polishing gel crafted with sheer brilliance to give you the kind of skin you've always dreamt of. It effectively peels impurities and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized.


1.Provides supple, soft and moisturized skin
2.Exfoliates the skin and removes dirt
3.Improves the skin's tone and texture


Key Ingredients:
Mung Beans, Mum Flower, Soybean & Red Beans

Other Ingredents:
Water, Glycerin, Korean Traditional Herbs, Poria Cocos & Atractylodes Macrocephala, Cnidium Officinale, Honeysuckle, Peony Berry

How to use

1. Apply 2 pumps of the Gel evenly on your entire body before or while having a bath
2. Gently massage in circular motions until the gel texture turns into exfoliating granules to remove dead skin
3. Rinse with lukewarm water

Size: 300ml


With Yehwadam Artemisia, feel the signature “Yehwadam” touch, inspired by beauty secrets of Korean women, collected over centuries to restore youth and radiance to skin. Bringing together three elements: Ye (herbs and plants), Hwa (flowers), and Dam (story), the power of traditional Korean ingredients is now captured in Yehwadam!