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Product Features

 • Contains effective ingredients that deeply moisturize and revitalize the skin, providing a healthy glow and full of hydration.

• It includes panthenol, known for its effective moisturizing care, to soothe and moisturize tired skin from external irritations.

• It also contains tocopherol, a powerful moisturizing and antioxidant care ingredient, to help nourish the skin with moisture.

• The formula containing tocopherol, a component that helps with skin antioxidant care, is combined with various moisturizing ingredients to provide a subtle glow and radiance to the skin without any stickiness or greasiness, completing a vibrant and radiant complexion.

• The dense cream formulation rolls gently on the skin and takes care of lifeless skin.

• The light carrot-colored cream formulation is finished with a chewy elasticity to take care of the skin as if it had a good night's sleep.


How to use

  1. Apply an appropriate amount after cleansing to the entire face except for the eye area, gently spreading along the skin texture as the last step of your skincare routine.
  2. Apply a mask and get enough sleep, then rinse off the next morning.