THE THERAPY Secret-MadeAnti-Aging Eye Treatment

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"A 360°highly adhesive eye care with soft cream type texture that softly adheres to create smooth and bright skin around the eyes"

■ Main Features
Moisture, firming, and dark circle - all in one care
Moist, soft cream type formula helps treat wrinkle, elasticity, dullness of skin around the eyes to create more moist & brightened eyes.

Smooth eye care & firming eye lid care
▪ Formula with rich nourishment smoothly spreads around the eyes to adhere & absorbed into the eye skin for smoothening wrinkles and keeping eye lids elastic.
▪ Eye treatment lighter texture than Secret-made Anti-aging Eye Cream with full of moisture is designed to have a texture that provide 360 degree eyelid care

Marche Handmade Blending Formula
Oat seed, marigold, laurel leaf, and olive with rich nutrients are blended for 6 weeks of long handmade process to create an excellent anti-aging cosmetics.

Size: 25ml