MAXX Eye Mascara

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01 Mega Volume
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 "4-in-1 mascara that gives volume + curling + long lash + extra volume"


It comes with a twist wing nylon brush and comb brush to curl lashes into longer and voluminous effect. The Enamel black fixer gives darker and smoother coating to lashes.

Comb Brush
4 COMB brush to produce a volume that is separated without any lump.
Produce a rich sense of volume. Brushing doubly eyelashes.

Nylon Brush
Clear up eyelashes finely.

Cross Combination Formula to make a tufted volume without gap
Cross Combination Formula that fills without a gap between eyelashes makes a fine and light volume.

Enamel Black Fixer that eyelashes looks smooth
Maintain setting force in a state of being used for the first time as component of the fixer is contained
and produce darker vivid lashes in color of enamel black to coat black eyelashes surface smoothly.