Lip Blurrism

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"The lip tint product with high-density yet cloud-like velvety texture lightly adheres to skin and creates the look of soft, blurred colors."


Main Features:

● A lip tint with a dense velvet texture that lightly adheres to create elegant blurry lips

● Opaque velvety texture as if matte lipstick is squashed

● The long-lasting, transfer-proof tint lightly adheres to the lips but stays for long hours

● Fluffy on the outside and moist on the inside; the airy feel leaves the lips feeling comfortable

● A velvety texture that spreads thinly and softly as if smudging by hand immediately upon application.

● Formula: an applicator alone, without the help of finger smudging, can create the look of cloud-like blurred colors

● Conceptual Ingredients: Moringa seed oil known to soothen dead skin plus the energy of fresh herbs can comfort the lips

● Fragrance: Refreshingly fruity and juicy like sweet orange and mango

● An applicator with a shape optimized for flexible angle control and gradient lip production:

  • The tip allows smooth angle control and helps the formula adhere to the lips comfortably
  • The shape is optimized to create a natural gradated look
  • Using the wide plump side, lightly apply on the entire lips first.
  • Using the narrow tip, reapply on the inner center of the lips to create a naturally gradated look.