Ink Proof Marker Penliner

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"An ultra-precise, waterproof, smudge-proof marker pen eyeliner that creates an intense long wear eye look with ink-proof system and rich, vivid ink color for precise application"


Main Features
- Super-proof effect for smudge-proof, ultra-precise eye line
  : Eyeliner with all-day-long-wear with formula that is strong against water, sweat, and sebum

- Rich ink formula ensures deep, long-lasting color
  : Deep and vivid black and brown color for defined eye line

- Soft brush tip allows for powerful shaping of line
 : Marker pen type for easy drawing for even beginners
   The marker pen tip delivers even, easy application

How to use
Shake 2~3 times before use
Hold marker pen vertically and apply from the center to the outer comer of the eye line