Ink Proof Automatic Eyeliner

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01 BLACK Proof
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"Waterproof pencil eyeliner that gently glides, adheres, and delivers continuous defining long-wear."


Features & Benefits
• Powerful super waterproof effect - a flexible film former sets and stays on skin, providing a super-lasting wear strong against oil and water.
• Soft-gliding texture - a soft gliding application without skipping or irritating eyes
• Quick drying effect - quickly dries and sets without smudging for long-lasting clean line application.
• Thin & flexible film former allows defining long-wear eye line
• Softly applying application without harsh tugging


How to Use
1) Expose 2mm of the pencil tip and draw a line along lash line.
2) Wait 10-20 seconds for product to set and dry for smudge-proof effect.
3) When the tip becomes dull, sharpen with the built-in sharpener on the bottom of the product.
4) Store product with cap closed tightly.