Coloring Stick Eyeshadow

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"Stick type eyeshadow that completes eye makeup with ease with naturally blending formula."


Main Features

1) Crease-free and natural blending formula: Naturally blends without pearl glitter fallout (Glide onto eyelid and blend using your finger).

2) Waterproof effect with smudge-proof formula: Contains silicone resin that forms a film layer which keeps eye makeup to last neatly + Waterproof formula delivers smudge-proof effect once applied and dried.

3) Easy application for even beginners: Completes eye makeup in one stroke and blending. Eyeshadow stick completes base, underline, and highlight eye makeup.


How to use

1) Twist the bottom of stick until enough product appears and glide onto the eyelid and gently blend out.

2) For more natural makeup effect, blend using fingers or brush.