YEHWADAM Heaven Grade Ginseng Rejuvenating Eye Cream

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A regenerating and deep moisturizing eye cream containing high amount of nutrients replenishes the eye area with moisture

■ Main Features
. Gentle, low-irritant formula that does not irritate the eye area
. Infused with nutrients that brings firmness to skin
. Contains Glycolipid* particles that are elastic which has a high adherence and high skin elasticity effect

■ Texture
. Dark Beige colored
. Nutrient infused, balm-like rich texture

■ Fragrance
. Fresh natural Korean herbal scent

*Glycolipid: Type of lipid composed of sugar (monosaccharide) and fat (lipid) that forms an important component of cell membranes and ceramides. Glycolipids coat cell walls, forming a barrier that holds skin and water content in place

SIZE : 140ml