Deeper, clearer lines with one stroke-
An upgraded high intensity blackness super black

■ Main Features
Deeper and darker. Upgraded high density black formula – super black
A super black formula that increased the concentration and density of
existing carbon black to the maximum. Vivid black color for clear lines like real ink

More sleek. Clear, precise color even when drawing fine lines
Improved the disadvantages of brush type liner where the lines tend to get blurry the thinner they get. A soft elastic fine brush that does not irritate the eyes draws various lines from 0.01~0.05mm

More vivid. Clean black lines that do not skip from beginning to end
An ink storage tank type that draws vivid, clean black lines up until the final touch. Super mega coating polymer instantly fits onto the eyes for lines with zero smudging

■ Recommendation
▪ Customers who want a black eyeliner that is highly pigmented and draws deep, clear lines
Customers who want a brush pen liner that does not smudge or skip for easy drawing of eye lines
Customers who want a fine brush type of eyeliner that draws softly without irritating the eyes

■ How to use
Shake the container 2~3 types before use and hold the brush vertically and delicately draw by filling in the lash lines

SIZE : 0.6g



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