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An all-in-one moisture cream with Daegwallyeong fresh milk and Shea butter extracts helps make the skin healthy and provides deep moisture care of the skin.

■ Main Features
soft creamy texture & non-sticky that spread easily on the face & body
delivery deep moisture to dry skin

■ Main Ingredients
Daegwallyeong milk
Contains 100 types of nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins, minerals etc. The sugarm protein and fat that contained in the milk creates a protection barriers that prevents decreasing of moisture from the skin
Contains vitamin C, selenium that has excellent antioxidant effects and also vitamins A, D, B12, niacin, folic acid & panthothenic acid

Shea Butter

A plant butter extracted from the fruit of the Karite tree that is called 'the miracle tree with 100% efficacy' or 'Tree of eternal life' from hundreds of years ago in Africa
Provides skin generation, anti-aging,skin radiance, skin moisturizing & rich nourishment effects

■ Recommendation
Customers who want moisturizing & soothing line at reasonable price
Customers in their early 20s, who want reasonably priced moisturizing products
Customers who want mild, moisturizing skin in climate changes

SIZE : 300g