CC Long Lasting Cushion not only has a light weight but also delivers excellent adherence effect without any cluming and smooth radiance to create a poreless effect for a long lasting make up.

■ Main Features
The moisture barrier on the skin surface maintains makeup even in the dry environment
Not only is it light but it is also long lasting
Contains 15% primer ingredients
SPF50+ PA+++

■ Recommendation
A portable cushion version for customers using Power Perfection BB Cream

■ Main Ingredients
. Ultra low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: holds 1000 times its own weight in water with great moisturizing effect
. Skin-like ceremide: Accounts for the highest amount (50%) amongst the lipid components in the moisture barrier and prevents the loss of moisture
. Micro-collagen: regenerates, and improves wrinkles but rapidly decreases with age.
. Flower Essential formula: (Almond oil, calendula oil, Borage oil, Rosemary oil, German Chamomile, Lavendar oil, Rose oil) that contain skin regeneration, nourishment and anti-inflammatory effects.
. light-weight volatile oil: to set onto the skin creating a fine makeup barrier
Flat powder completely fits on the skin enabling makeup with strong adherence
. Cloud-like spherical powder polymer goes in between the flat powder preventing it from clumping and also softly slides on the skin when applying
. Various sized spherical powder (average size:8μm) fills in the bumps on the skin surface and gives a soft focus effect naturally covering pores/wrinkles
. Spherical powder polymer is applied on natural cover formula giving a smooth, silky finish
. Natural moisturizing ingredient (Bio-saccharide gum-1) obtained from a fermenting process creates a moisture barrier on the skin surface for instant, long-lasting moisture
. ultra adhesive film enables long lasting makeup that does not come off with sweat or sebum

SIZE : 15g

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