CC Cooling Cushion like ice cream in the summer, treat your skin to this cooling sensation and give instant moisture recharge for skin that is dry from the heat.

■ Main Features
. CC tone-up+moisture cream+foundation
. Contains 70% of moisture cream ingredients for a dewy application
. Real cooling: Refreshing care for skin in the summer
. Fresh watery radiance: Moisture radiance that differs from shine

■ Recommendation
Customers looking for the perfect cooling cushion in the summer
Customers who want instant moisture recharge for skin that is dry from the heat

■ Main Ingredients
. Ultra low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: holds 1000 times its own weight in water with great moisturizing effect
. Skin-like ceremide: Accounts for the highest amount (50%) amongst the lipid components in the moisture barrier and prevents the loss of moisture
. Micro-collagen: regenerates, and improves wrinkles but rapidly decreases with age.
. Flower Essential formula: (Almond oil, calendula oil, Borage oil, Rosemary oil, German . Chamomile, Lavendar oil, Rose oil) that contain skin regeneration, nourishment and anti-inflammatory effects.
. Snow oil: has a melting point of 30℃ so it remains an icy state at room temperature and melts like snow the moment it touches skin while absorbing lightly like water for long lasting moisture and delivers a refreshing sensation that cools the skin with long lasting light-weight, fresh moisture for naturally radiant skin
. Birch tree: (queen of the snowy forest): has cooling effect on the skin used for hundreds of years as a beauty/health drink in Finland that delivers excellent moisturizing effects
. Damask rose, Chamomile, Lotus flower, Cornflwer: delivers fresh, dewy water radiance

SIZE : 15g



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