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The Therapy Secret-Made Anti-Aging Cream

THE THERAPY is an anti-aging line that contain MAche's hand-made blending formula of marigold petals, laurel tree leaves and olive fruits for over 200 years. This anti-aging cream natural mold cream that uses vacuum molding technology for excellent adherence that helps maintain firm skin.

Main ingredients:

1. Oat Seeds
. Anti-inflammatory effects and ability to gather moisture
. Rich in β-carotene that is a well-known efficacy ingredient in mushrooms and has powerful anti-oxidant effects and regenerating effects

2. Marigold used for both medicine and food especially the leaves and petals
. The extract derived from the petals makes skin soft and fair

3. Bay leaves (also known as the tree of angels)
. Contains astringent effects and calming/purifying effects on skin that is sensitive from stimulation/inflammation 

4. Olives is a natural moisturizer and contain mostly unsaturated fatty acids such as 70~85% oleic acid, linoleic acid etc
. preventing dryness of the skin rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and calms skin inflammation

5. Essential oil from compressed marigold petals, bay leaves, olive oil

6. Moisturizing, hydrating effects of betaine, glycerin

7. Hypoallergenic: natural emulsification using palm oil 

8. Shea butter &cacao butter:Prevents moisture evaporation

Features & Benefits:

  • Free from 10 additives that can cause skin irritation(10 free formula: Surfactant, silicone, paraben, denatured alcohol, mineral oil, artificial pigment, animal raw material, benzophenone, TEA, sulfate)
  • A natto-like molded cream that takes twice the amount of time for mixing compared to regular creams, differentiating the appearance and enabling a more natto-like texture
  • Handmade formula cream that is free from surfactants and silicone, mildly absorbs into the skin. Natural emulsification using natural oils and butter for zero
    irritation, dewy moisture and a soft finish      
  • Absorbs mildly to skin and increases skin recovering effects 
  • Applies vacuum molding technology taking out the air that can get inside the cream during the manufacturing process for a more natto-like firm texture


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