A moisturizing cream with adhesive texture soothes skin that is flaky due to dry weather, creating a smooth skin canvas for makeup application

■ Main Features
. A skincare product that solves the main skin concern in the autumn and winter seasons
. Moisturizes + smoothes dry, flaky skin
. Minimizes damage of the outer most part of skin (horny layer) from frequent and excessive exfoliation

* Glue Cream : Received nickname as “glue cream” for its adhesive texture that smoothes out flakes from dead skin cells

■ Texture
Dewy, glue-like texture (not heavy textured)

■ Fragrance
The Signature Oriental Herb Complex + Phyto-mucin complex (Complex that cares for flaky skin)

■ Recommendation

. Customers in their 20~30s with dry skin whose skin easily gets flaky during autumn/winter
. Customers with dry and rough skin who have flaky and cakey makeup problems
. Customers who want to deal with flaky skin but do not want to exfoliate due to skin damage concerns
. Customers who refrain from using rich cream products because they do not absorb into the skin and leave skin feeling greasy

■ How to Use
For daytime: use product before applying makeup to increase adherence
For nighttime: use product in the last step of skincare for nourishment

SIZE : 50g




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