SPIFF CODES Perfect All-In-One Fluid

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"ALL IN ONE FLUID is a non-sticky, moisturising all-in-one product that cares for men's blemishes."


Contains adenosine and niacinamide to improve wrinkles and whitening.
It contains eoseongcho extract to soothe irritated skin that has become sensitive due to shaving and virus mask use.
As a fluid formulation, it provides quick absorption and immediate moisturizing effect to the skin.
Contains lactic acid bacteria fermented hyaluronic acid extracted from barley to moisturize dry and tired skin.
Contains vitamin E and rosemary extract to make skin elastic, maintain oil-water balance, and brighten skin.
Free of 16 kinds of harmful ingredients.

How to use
After washing or shaving, pump an appropriate amount and apply evenly on the face.