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Dr.Belmeur Daily Repair Calamine Tone-up Cushion

■ Main Features
. Contains 7.5% calamine powder that soothes and relieves itchiness
. Gives the skin a natural tone-up effect
. No added pigments: natural tone-up product that can be used without having to remove product after use (no cleansing needed)

Dermatologically tested
Completed sensitivity panel testing

■ Texture
Baby pink colored cushion type

■ Fragrance
Allergen-free fragrance
Excluded 26 types of fragrances with the possibility of allergen for minimal skin irritation
Fresh berry/fruity/floral fragrance + musk fragrance

■ How to Use
In the last stages of skincare, lightly press the cushion with the included puff and lightly press the cushion to adhere to skin

SIZE : 15g




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