Highly nourishing mist that provides moisture and glow to the skin.

■ Features
• Long-lasting intense glow and moisture: Provides deep hydration to skin
that has lost vitality and has become dry before and after makeup
• Ultra fine airy mist: Light and fine particles are spread evenly onto the face and
deeply penetrates into skin
• Convenient skincare: Contains Propolis ingredient that cares for moisturizing
and firming effects for easy skincare
• Dermatologically tested: Hypoallergenic product

■ Recommendations
* All skin types
* Skin that feels more dry and tightness in the afternoon
* Dry skin type suffering from dehydration
* Skin that feels dry after makeup

■ How to use
Spray evenly across the face with the eyes closed holding the bottle about 20~30cm away whenever feeling dryness on the skin
TIP : Use in skincare stage or after makeup stage as it maintains vitality in dull skin for a long period of time



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