"Velvety skin tone all year round without causing skin color dullness"

Professional finish without unnatural looking and white cast causing heavy make-up
Slim & light weight texture on the face while covering unwanted spots with a crystal and translucent formula

1. High Fixing Polymer
A technology that improves long lasting cover

Responds to skin temperature and adheres to the skin in a flexible state
It creates a net structure around the cover powder (excellent compatibility with powders), which enables the powder to be fixed on for a long time

2. Moisture absorbing elastic polymer

Moisture absorbing elastic polymer is built with cross linked hydrophilic polymers where silicon chains are attached for each
This can be dispersed in oil phase while having water trapping abilities, so it mixes evenly in Water + Oil liquid blend
By applying the moisture absorbing elastic polymer in oil phase, it reduces the oiliness while maintaining fresh moisture and hydration

3. Skin Relief

① Chamomile extract
Chamomile is a herb originated from Europe and is well known as household medicine
A herb that is famous for its calming and soothing effects
Excellent effects on allergic skin and prevents the expansion of capillaries from stimulation helping to calm and soothe the skin (apigenin ingredient)
Anti-inflammatory effect that is widely used for curing burns, ulcers, acne, dermatitis.

② Lemon balm (Melissa)
The scientific name melissa, means ‘bee’ in Latin. Because the fragrance of lemon balm is sweet and strong, so it attracts the bees easily.
Lemon balm tea increases the activity of the brain, improves the memory and helps to make you feel refresh
A lemon-like fragrance helps to calm down the emotions and lower the heart rate and blood pressure
Lemon balm is rich in citronellal and geraniol that effectively works to relief stress

4. Sebum Control

① Persimmon tannin
Pore tightening through powerful astringent effects (skin tightening)
Continuous sebum control
Skin protection for rough skin texture
Enhances long lasting effect for makeup

② Citrus unshiu peel extract
Citrus unshiu peel is the green unripe peel from the citrus tree
This is higher in efficacy than completely ripe peels
Has various effects including blood circulation, inflammation relief, anti-allergy, bile secretion
Nobiletin ingredient within citrus unshiu peels block the stimulation pathway of sebum glands

Comes in 5 shades
▶ #103, #201 (pink & yellow), #203 (pink & yellow)



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