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"Formulated with English Breakfast Tea Extract, this mild moisturizing emulsion is a moisture lotion that delivers deep, dewy moisture and care for dryness. " 

  • Male skin is typically exposed to more oxidative stress through environmental factors (outside work and sports), and as most men shave regularly, making the skin fragile and more prone to irritation. This is why appropriate moisture-replenishing products are important for men.

    The Fresh for Men Moisture range is to rejuvenate and treat rough and dry skin. With the natural ingredient of the blended English Breakfast tea that comes with soothing effect to soothe the tired and aftershave harsh skin. 

    The Fresh For Men Hydrating Emulsion is a moisture lotion that delivers deep, dewy moisture and care for dryness. 

    Features & Benefits:

    • Intense hydration for soft and dry skin 
      Hydrating emulsion leaves rough, dry skin feeling deeply moisturized, without being sticky. 
    • Formulated with premium English Breakfast Tea 
      Formulated with carefully selected premium English Breakfast Tea, this emulsion floods dry, tired skin with rich moisture. 
    • Formulated without 5 additives: mineral oil, artificial coloring, animal-derived ingredients, talc and polyacrylamide

    How to use
    Take an appropriate amount and spread softly on the face and neck after toner, then pat lightly for the skin to absorb

    SIZE : 170ml