A relieving essence controls shine and instantly tightens the pores

A pore line with “Cometic Cert Jeju*” that protects your skin from city pollution and makes it clean and clear with Jeju volcanic lava and city defender complex

■ Main Features
▶ Soothing gel texture that contains gourd flesh rich with moisture
▶ Applied the fresh gourd design to the container
▶ Cool fragrance of melon and fresh cedarwood that everyone likes
▶ For both face & body

■ Main Ingredients
Jeju volcanic lava
The lava that rapidly solidified with the volcanic eruption of Mt. Halla 600 thousand years ago
City defender complex
Jeju Sasa quelpaertensis, Jeju Akebia quinata, Jeju Sea weed fusiforme

■ Recommendation
Customers who want clean pores
Customers who want to relieve skin that is stressed by air pollution
Customers with excess sebum and big pores
Customers who want simple daily pore care
Customers who are interested in the natural ingredients of Jeju

* Cosmetic Cert Jeju : A certification for locally produced cosmetics that contain more than 10% of Jeju ingredients

SIZE : 50 Wipes


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