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A normal type nose strip contains Jeju volcanic lava and aloe

A specialized pore care line that takes care of skin clean and clear with Jeju Volcanic Lava and City Defender Complex from external stimuli and pollutants

■ Main Ingredients
Jeju volcanic lava
The lava that rapidly solidified with the volcanic eruption of Mt. Halla 600 thousand years ago
City defender complex
Jeju Sasa quelpaertensis, Jeju Akebia quinata, Jeju Sea weed fusiforme

■ How to use
Sheet #1: Make sebum and blackheads inside the pore swollen to come out
Sheet #2: Completely removes blackheads
Sheet #3: Soothes pore inside and out with refreshing finish

■ Recommendation
Customers who wants sebum-free pore
Customers who wants to get rid of skin stress and air pollutants
Customers with enlarged pores and shiny skin due to excess sebum
Customers who wants to remove blackheads conveniently and simple

SIZE : 7ea