2018 1st Membership Day

From 1~4 February (Thu~Sun)
Special Discount and Free gifts
Only for Members

Please bring your stamp card which is membership card.

[Benefit for member]
1. Special Discount only for members - upto 20% off
. Special Discount of every member could be different.
. You can check your own special discount rate while purchasing.
※ Special discount on All items but present other sale items could be excluded.

2. Special SALE
ⓐ Buy one, Get one Free
. Real Nature Face Mask
. Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam
. Jeju Aloe Gel
. Jeju Refreshing Aloe Gel
. Natural Sun Eco Power Long-lasting Sun Cream
. Natural Sun Eco No Shine Sun Cream
. Smart Peeling White Jewel

ⓑ 30% Discount
. All Collaboration Collections
: Disney | Marvel | Simpsons | Trolls

3. Special Gift
. Buy Cushion, Get Refill Free
* Present other sale items could be exclude

4. Free Gift
. 2018 Table Calendar
. Sample Bag
* Buy one anything, Get the sample bag and Calendar Free
. Natural Eco Bag : Buy more than $50, Get the Eco bag Free



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